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Michael White is a a Digital Account Director at Lansons, a full service strategic consultancy that specialises in corporate, media and political communications. Delivering innovative digital solutions as part of an integrated team, working with some of the most skilled practitioners in the industry. On a daily basis he helps organisations and individuals use social media and digital techniques to deliver against business objectives. Aside from this he has blogged in various forms since 2005, has provided media commentary, and actively contributes back to the PR community.

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Experiencing augmented reality with Microsoft HoloLens

It was only when I had taken the Microsoft HoloLens off that I had appreciated what I had witnessed. For a few moments the digital displays on my Apple Watch, iPhone, Windows PC, even games consoles had been one and the same world. Graphics were no longer confined to screens, but a tangible real-world thing. […]

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Keep up with 350+ news sources without breaking a sweat

‘Don’t you ever worry that you’ll run out of things to say?’ was a bemused line delivered by a University friend back in 2008. Today it’s amusing; a Public Relations person running out of things to say? Bah… as if! Although oddly, I feel like he was onto an idea that I actually believe in […]

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Why doesn’t anyone want to buy Twitter?

Potential suiters Google, Apple, Disney, and Salesforce have all reportedly ruled out the possibility of a Twitter takeover. Why?

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